Monday, June 8, 2009

Family Picnic

I love weekends, anything that gives us family time especially since we don’t get it that often. Where we live is kinds right outside San Diego. It’s like 20 min from every, the beach, the mountains, the desert, and the city. I love it. This last weekend was perfect weather too. Not hot but sunny with a little breeze. Grant decided it was time to go for a Sunday picnic up the mountain a little in one of the little parks.

I don’t know what it is about being outside but I love it. It is so open and I love looking at the scenery around me. When I was in school I use to take pictures of my favorite sceneries and put them up in my dorm room. (It made it feel a little bit bigger)

Anyways, family picnics I would say are one of my favorite outside activities. Depending on where you go it can be like camping for the afternoon. Plus if you go to the park you can play with your kids on the swings and stuff.

Last time we had a picnic was awhile ago. I saw another family that had one of those picnic backpacks that has everything you need in it already, including glasses and utensils. All you have to do is pack your food in it and go.

When we got home I looked into getting one but life got a little busy and I forgot about it until yesterday.

I found this great one that is perfect and thought I would share it with everyone. Now the next family picnic we go on all we will have to do is put the food in the backpack and go! I’m so excited!

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